Thursday, 28 February 2013

February 2013 mileage

Looking back over the past three years my combined January + February mileages have looked like this (2011 - 581 ), (2012 - 515 ), (2013 - 543).  So, Jan 2013 looks like business as usual.

Ascent wise it has been (2011 - 8.1k), (2012 - 12.3k), (2013 - 14.6k), so this Jan and Feb has been a little different from my usual profile.  The primary reason for that has been two hillier rides on the last two Sundays of February.

First was the Onix Twitter ride (post here) and last weekend it was the Polocini Winter Sprinter (post here).  Between the two rides, they represented 105 miles in distance and 5.5k of ascent.

2013 Mileage - @roadphil
Fitness wise, the slow base miles during Jan and first part of February paid a good dividend in re-starting my aerobic engine.  Despite more climbing (x2 vs. the month before), I managed to increase my average speed by around 5% to 15.3mph, which I'm really pleased with.  Let's just hope the weather carries on being clear so that I can build on that.

I'm aiming for 400 miles in March if possible, to get me up near the 1,000 mile mark for Q1 as a total.  I'll have some challenges doing that as my diary is pretty full, nevertheless I'll look to get out at every opportunity.  

Met loads of really nice people out on the bike last month, many of who are regular blog readers.  I really appreciated the feedback from them about the content and I'm always staggered by just how many people continue to stop by - including you.  

Blogging can be time consuming however it makes it all worth it when you hear someone has bought a product, implemented a tip or shared an article with a friend, so thank you.

Month  to Date
Mileage- 320 miles
Ride Time - 21hrs 02mins
Climbing - 10,015ft
Avg. Speed - 15.3 mph
Avg. HR - 147bpm
Avg. Cadence 73rpm
Calories (estimate) -13,289
Ride Ascent Ratio (Ascent/Miles) -31.5 (Moderate)

Year to Date
Mileage- 545 miles
Ride Time - 36hrs 22mins
Climbing - 14,586ft
Avg. Speed - 15.0 mph
Avg. HR - 145bpm
Avg. Cadence 73rpm
Calories (estimate) -22,692
Ride Ascent Ratio (Ascent/Miles) -26.9 (Flat/Moderate)

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  1. I'm a bit behind you by about 100 miles or so. I have noticed a few more cyclist with the lighter mornings.
    I may as well live in holland with the amount of climbing I do. It's almost like I avoid the hills ;)