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ICE ICE Baby - OneLife ID Bracelet Review

My One Life Road ID Bracelet
Heading home from my 50 miler this morning, I ended up chatting with another road cyclist that I met.  Inevitably talk always ends up with road safety, dangerous driving and staying safe whilst cycling.  The chap - Mike - told me he'd been knocked off his bike a couple of years back, a completely random event where an elderly driver drove into him, despite him wearing fluorescent clothing, having lights and simply riding in a straight line.

Statistically, things are getting much better out there and it's really important to be seen, however you can't legislate for dangerous drivers.  Do you recall paralympic gold medallist Simon Richardson MBE, still battling to recover from a driver who collided with him in the late morning, dangerously over the drink drive limit after drinking whiskey for most of the morning? 

Having witnessed an accident a couple of years back when a fellow cyclist slipped on black ice and lay in the road with a broken hip, with his core temperature dropping rapidly whilst we waited for the ambulance, I always ride with a space blanket in my back pocket during cold weather.  They only cost a couple of quid, but could make a massive difference if needed.

It's also hugely important if you are in a road accident that you can be identified quickly.  If  alone and unconscious, the emergency services need vital information quickly.  A couple of months ago I came across OneLife ID who make a number of products aimed at all sorts of sporting disciplines.

OneLife ID 'Squadra' Bracelet

There are a number of different systems which can provide ICE (in case of emergency) information on the market.  I have a pull stripper stuck on the side of my cycling helmet for example, which simply rips off if needed containing some hand written information.
I've thought for a while about getting an identify bracelet too, having seen a number of the guys I ride with wearing them.  The major benefit is that if you are in an accident off the bike, say driving your car or as a pedestrian, you can be easily identified.

What's interesting about OneLife ID is that their products have a unique personalised QR code which links to a unique website page, where all of your key health data is stored.  The bracelet I have (Squadra see picture) also has two ICE numbers printed on it.  The bracelet has a four digit code on the rear, which the emergency services can use to unlock your health information such as blood type or allergies, saving them vital time in providing you treatment.  

OneLife ID make a range of products starting from £5.99 for an ID card  you could keep in a wallet or bike saddle bag, up to £18.99 for the bracelet.  I have to say I think less than £20 is a small price to pay, relative to all the other things we buy for our bikes.  It gives peace of mind in knowing that if something happened I could be treated without delay and loved ones informed quickly, I think it's a must have for any cyclist, regardless of discipline.

QR Code site has multiple uses

I also ordered a sheet of stickers, which can be used for lots of things.  For example, I have put a sticker on my phone so that if it gets lost, it could be quickly reconciled to me by someone scanning the QR code or typing in the URL.  If they do, it will take you to a page where you can provide a number for them to ring to reconcile it with you.  I've done the same with my laptop and my iPad, you just never know when things are going to go awol.  I noticed they also do luggage tags, there are loads of applications.

OneLife ID stickers - useful for lot's of things
Whether you're an experienced cyclist of a novice, preventing an accident or collision isn't totally in your hands when you're out cycling.  There are far too many reported stories or poor attention with people texting whilst driving, drunk drivers, dangerous driving or random events which mean the next accident victim could easily be you or someone you know, without you influencing the event in any way. 

Give yourself the best possible chance of being identified quickly if you are unlucky for it to happen to you.  If you're knocked unconscious, then the emergency services have little to go on, with a OneLife ID bracelet on they can get to work quickly.  

I'd recommend OneLife ID for anyone who participates in any type of outdoor sport, you just never know when you might need identifying.  More information on OneLife ID can be found at, give them a visit.  Stay safe out there.

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