Sunday, 29 April 2012

April Ride Stats

I felt sure I'd click over 400 miles with ease this month.  It was this weekend which saw that off.  After a busy week, I felt tired getting up yesterday morning and thought I'd do a longer ride on Sunday, no point griding miles out when tired, better to rest.

As it ended up, we were out late last night, ended up home around 3am so by the time I'd woken up this morning and looked out the window, all I could see was driving rain and wind - conditions were terrible - too bad to cycle in and it was goodbye to my planned five hour ride.

So, today ended up on the Wattbike dong a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session.  Good training isn't all about quantity, it's about quality too.  Reviewing my ride ascent ratio (ascent divided by distance), you can see that I've done a fair few miles on the wattbike this month.  Of the 326 miles I've done this month, 126 of them were indoors, hence the ratio being lower than other months. 

One thing that hasn't been going so well is the diet.  I'd promised myself to try and shed some weight prior to London to Paris, however I haven't really changed much.  I've been travelling a lot which means sit down dinnners, food on the move and being perfectly honest having the desert when I could so easily not have it.  This week I'm off to see Total Cycling Performance for a review of a few things, including my eating habits, so time to make some fundamental changes by cutting out the rubbish from my diet, will update further. 

Month to Date
Mileage- 326 miles
Ride Time - 21hrs 17mins
Climbing - 3,835 ft
Avg. Speed - 14.2 mph
Avg. HR - ---bpm
Avg. Cadence - 79rpm
Calories (estimate) 8,719
Ride Ascent Ratio (Ascent/Miles) -  12

Mileage- 1,393miles
Ride Time -92hrs 50mins
Climbing - 25,786 ft
Avg. Speed - 14.5 mph
Avg. HR - 140bpm
Avg. Cadence - 82rpm
Calories (estimate) 49,447
Ride Ascent Ratio (Ascent/Miles) -   18.7

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