Monday, 29 August 2011

Simon Richardson Update (29/8/11)

Simons out of sedation. He's pretty groggy, a little confused and starting to come to terms with what's happened to him.  His wife Amanda, who continues to do the 50 mile round trip twice a day, said that the powerful drugs that Simon has been given will take a few days to work out of his system, until then it's just about "taking each day as it comes."

He's very tired for obvious reasons, his body has absorbed significant trauma and is drawing all its' resources to the recovery process. Medical staff are satisfied with his progress, despite his status continuing to be critical but stable.  Cyclists and observors continue to send huge support to Simon, this weekend Team UK Youth rode with #SIMONSTRONG labels on their helmets - awesome stuff.

I came across this article earlier today about Simons 2008 Beijing performace, it's worth a quick read.

Note to Press; Simon Richardson is a double-gold Paralympic cyclist.  On the track in Bejing 2008 he won the LC3/4 1km time trial and 3km individual pursuit. He also claimed a silver in the road time trial and assisted team mate Darren Kenny to victory in the road race.  Further details can be found on his Wikipedia page.

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