Wednesday, 10 August 2011

July Ride Stats

July Ride Stats

July has been a total write off for me on the bike.  Two weekends away with my Brother's stag night and wedding, plus the Tour de France meant only two rides during the month.

I picked up a nasty virus in the closing days of July which I took away with me on my annual holiday - it lasted ten days, so having just returned, August is looking pretty shaky too - so I'll have some work to do if I'm to reach my 4,000 mile target by the end of the year.

One thing I've learned about recovering from a virus is to build back up steadily.   Doing some work on a static bike in the gym whilst away, it's obvious that my engine has taken a battering, so back to some base miles for me, nothing too strenuous, building it up again gradually.

Month to Date
Mileage- 180 miles
Ride Time - 10hrs 19mins
Climbing - 4,022 ft
Avg. Speed - 15.5mph
Avg. HR - (Not captured)
Avg. Cadence - 82
Calories (estimate)11,925

Mileage- 2,240 miles
Ride Time - 152hrs 15mins
Climbing - 65,855 ft
Avg. Speed - 14.7 mph
Avg. HR - 136
Avg. Cadence - 78
Calories (estimate) 135,264

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