Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Halfords Road Bikes

Halfords have today announced a new line up of 25 Carrera bikes, three of which are road bikes.  Their entry level offer will be the Carrera TDF (which I recently reviewed here), plus two further models, one of which is called the Carrera Virtuoso, which you can view below.

Pricing isn't visible yet, but expect it to be competitive.  Think the paint job on the new bike looks on trend with inside forks and rear chainstays coloured against a plain white frame.  Be interesting to see what they've done with the specification.  More news to come.

2011 Carrera Virtuoso

2011 Carrera Virtuoso on the Road

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  1. i own one of these bikes and they are a really good bike ive done other 1500 miles so far no probs or mishaps