Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Names on the Top Tube

126 riders now have their names on my toptube.  Every winner of a yellow, green or polka dot jersey from the Tour de France 1903-2010 plus the names of other riders that have inspired me since I took up the sport.

18 riders have been bolded out on the toptube.  I wanted to look down at those and for them to stand out from the others.  Here's the names that made that list: - 

Bernard Hinault
Bradley Wiggins
Sir Chris Hoy
Eddy Merckx
Fabio Casartelli
Francesco Moser
Graeme Obree
Jan Ullrich
Laurent Fignon
Mark Cavendish
Maurice Garin
Miguel Indurain
Philippe Thys
Richard Virenque
Robert Millar
Sean Kelly
Tom Simpson
Wouter Weyland

Who would make your toptube if you did the same thing and why?


  1. On my toptube would be the names of all the scary monsters from Dr Who and Star trek - the Borg, Klingons, Cybermen etc and in bold would be the ultimate baddies the Daleks and that green scary face that made me hide behind the sofa when I was a kid from the early episodes of the original Star Trek. And the reason for these baddies on my toptube? just being reminded of them by looking down and seeing all those names when I'm wilting on a hill and thinking of them chasing me would make me want to pedal harder and therefore faster up that hill :)

  2. I dont know whether I like him or not but Lance has to be there purely for his achievement the drug thing who knows however your history is the same as mine in cycling I am trying to improve my climbing you are averaging 1mph faster and done slightly more hills, apart from the fact that my first printer was the HR15 daisywheeel in the mid 80s. otherwise well done am glad I came across your site.