Friday, 27 May 2011

Latest pics of the Unicorn2

Chris over at Performance Race Art has been a very busy boy.  He's getting married next week and despite all this, he's been giving my bike frame full gas.  So, where did we get to?

Last design idea was to have imprints of the blog along the top tube, it did look nice, however it sparked another idea.  I got thinking about what I'd like to look down on when I'm riding the bike.  What would motivate me to keep going, in those moments of darkness.  A couple of hours thinking and I had it.

The top tube now features the names of every Yellow, Green and Polka dot jersey winner of the Tour de France 1903-2010.  In addition, it highlights the names of the riders that are my personal greats- Graeme Obree, Eddy Merckx, Mark Cavendish, Bernard Hinault, Fabio Casartelli, Jacques Anquetil, Laurent Fignon, Robert Millar, Tom Simpson and a special mention for recently fallen - Wouter Weyland. 

All these names appear on the toptube, so when I look down, I'm looking down on some of the greatest cyclists that ever lived.   Motivation indeed to carry on - "Put me back on the bike."  All being well it will be back with me by Wednesday and built back up again by next weekend for its inaugral ride.   
Headtube Side On

All 126 of the Names
Inside Rear Chainstays now done

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