Tuesday, 17 May 2011

First Pictures of the Unicorn 2 in Production

Bang tidy is it? (excuse my poor Welsh).  Yes, the Unicorn2 project is well underway now at Performance Race Art in South Wales.  

You'll begin to see the colour scheme unfold over the next few days, but I thought it interesting to share the re-spray process.

The great benefit of having your bike re-sprayed is that you can choose the colour scheme.  This bike will be a one-off, to my design, with whatever features I like on it.  So, I've chosen to design a bike which promotes my blog, so you'll know it's me if you see me out (remember it is called the Unicorn, so keep your eyes peeled).  As you can see, the signature race-pace.net will be across the downtube and I've kept with the pet name for the bike by calling it the Unicorn2.

I'm going with a Stealth Black, like the Specialized McLaren Venge with Team Sky blue accent colour on the inside rear chainstays, forks and on the toptube.  It should look similar to the Dogma 601/Venge sort of look feel when done.  Master paint sprayer Chris, ex commando (better watch the Welsh jokes although with a surname of Jones, I think I'm well qualified to throw a few stones) and owner of Performance Race Art, has been absolutely superb in the process so far.  A man who is a perfectionist, no doubt, is it?  (sorry Chris, couldn't help myself there).

So, here's the first few photo's, straight off the jig.
White Base Layer
Decals and Spot Colours marked out
From the Other side

A big dose of Team Sky Blue is added

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