Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sir Chris Hoy Photo

Love this photo of Sir Chris Hoy taken by Rick at CycleSportPhoto' It's a familiar sight, the famous Scot celebrating victory, however some would say that the previously unbeatable Hoy is now fair game.

Beaten to the line by Australian - Shane Perkins - in today's Keirin final at the Track Cycling World Championships, Hoy shouldn't be written off just yet. He's a formidable competitor, working to a plan for London 2012.

You can't fail to be impressed by the progress the Australians are continuing to make on the track, so Team GB will be hard at work when they get back to Manchester, working on those marginal gains.

There's been a lot of talk that the track at Apeldoorn, hasn't suited everyone, particularly Hoy and his riding style, so not too much should be written in to this weeks results. As he said in one of his post race interviews, there are six major cycling events between now and London 2012 and he should expect to show improvement at them all. That's the spirit.

Arriving in London next year on a track he helped design, I'm sure Sir Chris will have his eyes firmly on medals and re-instating himself as the daddy of the Keirin.

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  1. No wonder you like that pic!

    Cant blame you!

    Who wouldnt like a rear shot of Chris's beautiful spandex clad ass!!!