Sunday, 13 March 2011

Garrmin 705 Glitch

Regular readers of the blog will know that I've not been terribly impressed with the Garmin 705, primarily due to software bugs. Today, I reckon I got a new personal best for a 50 mile ride, at least I think I did.

The Garmin decided to power itself down about 32 miles into the ride, just as i was whistling through Tatton Park at 23mph. OK - no drama. Switched it back on again and carried on assuming it would pick up again as the ride data was on screen.

No such luck. Got home and realised that no ride data was resident, why, because I hadn't hit the start key after the re-set. So irritating. For a unit costing close to three hundred quid, it's moments like this that make it frustrating to own. I hope they've fixed all the bugs in the 800 series.

Conditions were lovely today. There was a bit of headwind, but blue skys soon put pay to that. It was just good to be out on a nice Spring day. I set out thinking that I would just have an easy 50 miler, but after about ten miles, I felt good and decided to push on (cheered by the weather).

Looking at my splits, I was averaging around 18mph-19.5mph for much of the ride, which is good for me. Still, I did chose a flat route today, so feet on the ground!

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