Friday, 25 February 2011

Storck Scenero wins Bike of the Year 2011

Cycling Magazine Cycling Plus have named the Storck Scenero their coveted "Bike of the Year" award for 2011.

You don't see many Storck's out on the road in the UK, which is a shame as they are lovely bikes. Based in Bad Camberg, Germany, founder Markus Storck has been knocking around the bike business since the mid 80's and has been responsible for many beautiful bikes over the years.

It's up against tough competition in this category, amongst brands such as Cannondale, Pinarello and Specialized all competing with bikes like the superb Roubaix.

I'm pleased to see them get it. I think there are a lot of great bikes out there, if you look beyond the usual American and Italian manufacturers. I recently compiled a list of over 100 brands you can choose from if you want something a bit more distinctive. You won't go far wrong with the Storck, that's for sure and it's a hard won award, so chapeau to them.

Availability is not so common as the major brands. If you want some pricing idea, you can check on a number of builds here. If you want to upgrade the Shimano 105 to Ultegra, you'd be looking around £2600 for the bike right up to £4.2K with Dura Ace, so it's easy to see your cash disappear.

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