Sunday, 30 January 2011

Groundhog Day

Bong! Just as Winwick Church clock struck nine, I rolled into the car park for today's club ride. A few of us needed to be back earlier today, so a route North of Warrington was planned. I have to say, my legs were pretty mashed after the previous two days rides (circa 95 miles), combined with a very late night Northern Soul dancing, I was pretty tired rolling out on the bike from home.

Checking the route, it turns out, we were heading out to the same place I rode to on Friday - Rufford Marina, groundhog day! Setting off, the pace was pretty high and about four miles in I thought I might have to turn round and head off on a slower bimble, knowing that a lumpy profile was ahead and my legs were aching, I might struggle to keep up. Decision time. Stick with it and make the most of it. I'm glad I did.

Arriving at the cafe (which was far less busy than last time we were there) I got a four sausage barm cake on order with a big piece of flapjack, tea and water. Just the trick (did I mention I was also slightly hungover). Jumping back on the bike, legs didn't feel much better, but my stomach and morale certainly did!

Whizzing back to the start point, there were a couple of lumpy bits which I just spun up, no heroics today, just survival. Arriving home, a hot bath, Rosso massage oil and utter relief. I'm glad I went out, Feb I'm having an op which will take me off the road for a couple of weeks, so best get the miles in now.

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