Sunday, 21 November 2010


In his biography entitled "A Peipers Tale", former cyclist Allan Peiper describes this lovely concept called "Synchronicity" on page 35 (if you haven't read the book, buy it), I've quoted a small piece of text from it below.

" have a chance meeting with somebody you know, 10,000km from home, or a guardian angel arrives in your life exactly the time you need them to..."

With my low intensity rides at the minute, I find myself drawing up alongside people much more, rather than usually whizzing past them at speed. Today, I got chatting with a charming lady from Partington called Sue (pictured), who was our on her inaugral ride on her new Specialized Hybrid bike.

As we chatted, I realised that Sue was a little low in her saddle and didn't look too comfortable on the bike. After a few questions, Sue said she felt some discomfort from the saddle. So, we pulled over and I gave Sue an impromptu bike fit, for no other reason than she was a lovely person and it's great to pass on some of your practical knowledge to others. Seat went up about five cm, back about four and we also levelled up the saddle as the nose was pointing down (main reason for discomfort). Sue was soon feeling much more comfortable and I got a free Costa coffee for my trouble (thanks Sue)!

It's nice to meet people out on the bike, that's why I enjoy being part of a club so much. It makes you realise that we all want different things from riding - friendship, fitness, competition, medals, success - are some that fall to mind. For me, it's all about general fitness, staying in shape, the odd sportive and an interest that takes me away from business or I'd be working all the time. For Sue, it was about independence and fitness.

Although I was thirty (not 10,000km) from home, I couldn't help but feel that today was a moment of synchronicity. Sue benefitted from a quick bike fit, I benefitted from some lovely company for the remainder of my ride out today. Win win.

My Garmin 705 went nuts on the ride out today. Approaching Costa in Hale, it just went off on one, beeping and beeping. Have a quick check of these ride stats for a bit of fun. If I could do these sort of speeds and distances in real life, think I'd be getting a call from Dave Brailsford to join Team GB. I'm working on it.

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