Sunday, 29 August 2010

North Cheshire Clarion Club Ride 290810

Today's ride was wet and windy. More windy than wet. After a decent dousing on the way out from Stretton, the wind really whipped up on the last ten miles of the ride following the cafe stop at Dunham Massey tea room. My ride home from Strettton was a teeth gritting affair, with me struggling to get above 14mph, the gusts were really coming thick and fast.

Today was a decent reminder of what's to come with winter fast approaching, I know, I know, what am I doing talking about winter when it's still offically summer. A grey morning, rainclouds and the prospect of downpours meant we all turned up with our best winter wear on, waterproofs, overshoes, big gloves and hats. Happy days, here comes the suffering.

I actually drunk three cups of tea at the cafe stop, to put this in context, I haven't drunk a cup of tea for about six years. Today, I just thought, a hot sweet cup of tea would really do the trick as I was wet through from the shower. And it did (plus a huge slab of Coffee & Walnut cake). The tea room at Dunham Massey is a teriffic little stop, home baked cakes and and no tutting or eyes rolling when we all tip up, but a nice warm welcome, I like it there.

Did a bit of riding on the front today. Took the spesh out rather than the Dolan and it felt really comfortable. I've done a few bike fits of late and thought I'd double check my own set-up only to find my seat was about 2cm too high. I adjusted it late Friday and it's made a big difference to my power transfer and post ride fatigue, so happy with that. Ride detail can be seen below, visit club member Ade's blog too, he sums the ride up well.

North Cheshire Clarion Club Ride by roadphil at Garmin Connect - Details


  1. It is definitely winter now, i came back from a ride yesterday to find my wife had the fire on and had a 'winter casserole' baking in the oven. It felt like November, not August.