Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Supermarket Sweep...

Three unobvious things that you might consider picking up from a supermarket for your bike on your next weekly shop. Every little helps: -

  1. Babywipes. Yes, babywipes. Insider knowledge says that they are one of the best things for cleaning your bike. Having tried them, I have to agree. Particularly good on a white frame!
  2. Freezer bags. Stick your phone and money in a sealable freezer bag. I went through two Blackberrys in quick succession which both died due to the condensation of being in my back pocket. If bagged and sealed, condensation can't get in, freezer bags do the trick.
  3. Magic cloth. You know those cloths that can clean anything. JML first invented them but now all the major supermarkets sell them. They are great for drying off your bike or rolling up in your back pocket to use as a sweat towel on a hot day (not the same cloth obviously) or finally in an emergency to lay on the ground if you have a puncture to prevent your white handlebar tape or white saddle getting dirty.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Phil,

    Many thanks for the tips.
    I have white NSR road bike so I will definatelly try the babywipes.

    Your Dolan looks really good!

    Best regards,
    Krystian (Krakow, Poland)