Thursday, 10 June 2010

Cycling Poem

I'm having some training around public speaking at the minute (in the day job). Today, I was asked to read a poem. The trainer (knowing my interest in cycling), picked out this for me. Thought it was really great, so sharing it with the group. It was written by Carlo Castelvecchi in. May 2002, see what you think: -

A ride through time

I ride through time,
Stretching it out with surreal distortion,
I ride for freedom,
I am immortal, freedom from the fear of death,
I push myself to the limit of my mortal frame,
then transcend that human pain,
enter into that fourth dimension.

My wheels no longer touch the ground,
they’re floating on passionate effort,
a whole hearted singleminded effort,
the rhythm of a perfect circle,
a pulsing rhythm that rises above the worlds woes.

Movement brings freedom.

Unfettered yet fitting in perfectly,
unconventionaly conventional,
an independant form of movement.

I know exactly how far I have traveled,
I can feel how far I have moved.

Allow the spirit of your surroundings feed your movement,
the harder I push the more I merge with my surroundings,
my aim is to reach that point of effortless movement,
turbo boosted blood pumping round my muscles,
my spirit is one with my body,
brain, muscles and spirit in total harmony,
producing a pure singleminded effort,
human body, trees, mountains rivers, spirits and bike.

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  1. Brilliant - will be quoting that myself - if I can remember it ;-)