Sunday, 20 June 2010

Bouncing Garmin!

Did a lovely little run out yesterday, you can see the route and stats here, wind was blowing a gale, but it kept dry. Was only a quick one as I'm planning to do the run to work and back on Monday and Wednesday next week as my contribution to Team Green Britain Bikeweek. My distance to the office on the route I've planned is 34 miles one way, so that's 68 round trip eachday, 136 for the two trips in total, hence restricting yesterday to a short, enjoyable ride out!

Had a bit of a calamity whilst out though. My Garmin 705 pinged out of its bracket on the bike as I was pushing one of the buttons to change screen view. I had one of those slow motion moments, bombing along at 23mph, as I saw it fly off and then heard it bouncing in the road behind me. By the time I'd stopped and unclipped, my first thought was that it had been run over by a truck, thankfully it bounced back into the gutter. Screen is all scratched up and it's got a couple of deep scratches on it, but thankfully, only cosmetic damage. Worst bit of it is, I'd ordered and received a screen protector for it only a couple of days earlier, but not yet fitted it. That'll teach me.

Other funny bit was finding that part of my route took me to the runway at Manchester airport. Having got to the end of this little country lane I was faced with a big chained gate, route was telling me to basically ride straight across the runway. Can you imagine that? (might of been able to get a bit of speed up though).

No cycling for me today. Rest day to keep the legs fresh for tomorrow's run in. Looking out of the window, the weathers lovely, perfect cycling weather, would love to be out. Off to watch a World Cup game instead on the Sky+. Bring on the Tour de France.....

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