Sunday, 28 February 2010

North Cheshire Clarion Club Ride

It's four weeks until the Cheshire Cat. It's two weeks since I was last in the saddle. Combination of workload and weather plus other commitments. I took last Friday off - for example - to get some miles in the legs, but was scuppered by the relentless rain which lasted all day.

So, I was pretty pleased to get out today on the club ride. A cautious peek out of the bedroom window at half seven indicated a green light, no rain, no snow, it's a go! Todays club route can be seen here including a visit to the Ice Cream Farm. A 50 miler, not too hilly. Overall I did 64 miles with the ride up there and back, I'm behind on my 1,000 mile target between January and March, so thought I'd put them in the bank.

Ride pace felt faster today, I felt pretty good on the bike so was happy with how things went. I ate and drunk regularly, right from the off and I think that contributed to my general feeling on the bike. I got through 3 x 500ml of PSP, 2 x Gels, 1 x Banana and 1 x Slice of Victoria Sponge Cake, still had food to spare in the back pocket.

Weather conditions were nice, not too cold, no rain and road conditions were alright (although the bike took a fair clean when I got home). What was notable about today is how everyone's fitness is improving, there's nothing like the looming deadline of a hilly 100 mile Sportive to get everyone in the mood for getting fitter, the turbo trainers have been busy.

Had my usual moment with the bike computers, this time it was user error, so ride stats not 100% complete. Enjoyed an exhilarating 34mph downhill at one point, cadence came in at 86 average, 3600 calories (estimated) and distance around 64miles (102KM).


  1. Where is the Ice-cream farm? Somewhere near Taporley?

  2. The ice cream farm is near Tattenhall.

  3. Hi Phil

    I am doing the Cheshire Cat but the 60 miler with a mate. We are training for the Etape.
    Might see you there!

    Jim Hart - (ex Connections - now TEMA EUROPE