Friday, 8 January 2010

Breaking the Turbo Trainer Monotony

Hands up who looks forward to Turbo Trainer sessions? Most road cyclists (including me) tend to talk through gritted teeth about the benefit of hours sat on the indoor trainer. It can be pretty boring, just grinding out the revolutions, staring into space. I tend to watch DVD's, which a portable DVD player precariously balanced on the box my Turbo Trainer came in. Via my cycling club (North Cheshire Clarion) forum, one of the club members recommended this site called The Sufferfest. Basically, you download an MP4 video which is a one hour training session based around a cycling race. You are the rider, appropriate sound track plays, various on screen prompts come and you adjust your cadence, gears and intervals accordingly. Great idea and only about six quid to download. What makes it fun is every now and then a surprise (well it's only a surprise the first couple of times you watch as after that you can remember) sprint comes up so you increase the revs and push a bit harder. I must say it made the hour go by quickly and I'd recommend you buy it and encourage the producer David McQuillen to make a few more. What's funny on his site is the pictures of where everyones got their Turbo Trainers set up, see if you recognise your house on any of these.


  1. I used to use my turbo a lot. I don't seem to touch it much at the moment though. I just don't seem to have the motivation.

  2. I like the turbo trainer and all the activities of it. We'd really recommend you go for the turbo trainer for stability. Add a couple of stacked riser blocks and you'll get a better all body workout too. Not as complete as on the rollers, but much less chance of causing yourself more damage.