Sunday, 27 December 2009

North Cheshire Clarion Xmas Ride Out

Seven brave souls faced the elements today for the North Cheshire Clarion Xmas ride out. First it was on, then it was off, then it was back on again, the weather has been bad here in Cheshire so the turnout wasn't as big as it promised. We abandoned plans to ride to Tatton Hall, the route was just too treacherous with ice still on the B roads. We opted instead for a 25miler to Dunham Massey and back, I rode up to Stretton from home, so I my distance was 37 miles in total (I took my Scott Hybrid today). Conditions were freezing, we got caught in rain and a bit of sleet and by the time we reached the tea room, my hands and feet were like blocks of ice, despite thermally insulated gloves and overshoes. Funny though, the inside of the team room felt colder than outside and it took two coffees to feel only slightly warm! Setting back off, it didn't improve much until the last six or eight miles, when the gloves dryed out. We had a new member along today - Jim - nice guy from Newton-Le-Willows. Drama of the day was me nearly coming off the bike when I hit a slush spot, I've just put clip pedals on my hybrid, so it was like a circus act me trying to keep the bike upright, but I managed it. Fellow Claronista Mark (who had some fancy new handlebars today) put todays route up here. Was I pleased to get home to a hot bath! New Years Resolution - Buy some thermal base layers.

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